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1Personal One-on-One Counseling.

Truth Coaches has links to trained and qualified psychotherapy counselors experienced in delivering one-on-one counseling sessions via phone, video conference, or even in person.

If you have found the Truth Coaches material has prompted you to seek further interactive one-on-one counseling, then please get in touch below, simply leave a brief message below, and one of our team will supply links to recommended counselors.

2Do you have a Problem with one of our products or Feedback?

Sorry to hear that! Let us know the problem below with as much detail as possible and we will endeavor to resolve it promptly!

If you have purchased a Truthcoaches DVD and are looking for the free electronic resources mentioned, simply register on the site. To do this, select ‘My Account’ and enter your details.

3Do you wish to Distribute Truth Coaches Material, Bulk purchase, or Partner with us?

Truth Coaches is looking for more ways to help people access our unique material designed to set people free, and find God’s truth for their lives. If you have a church looking for ideas for small groups, or have distribution networks interested in Truth Coaches please get in touch.


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